PH Buffer Solution

Your pH meter or pH electrode is only as accurate as its last calibration. If you care about precise and exact pH measurement, you need to calibrate your instrument as often as possible or each time you require the most accurate pH measurement.

Certified pH Calibration Solution

Meytec® Buffer solutions are produced according the highest international standards and comply with all necessary requirements and regulations such as NIST and DIN. It also benefits from a long shelve-life that guarantees you can enjoy your pH calibration buffer as long as possible.

Today we have 5 different pH buffer solutions in our offer, available bottles and sachets. 

  • PH Buffer Solution 4.01
  • PH Buffer Solution 6.86
  • PH Buffer Solution 7.00
  • PH Buffer Solution 9.18
  • PH Buffer Solution 10.01

    PH Buffer Solution for PH Meter and PH Electrode

    You can find more detailed information here on what is pHhow to calibrate a pH meter or how to calibrate a pH electrode

    Please always consult the manual of your pH meter or pH electrode before calibration. You must be sure to use the correct pH buffer solution with the correct pH value and you need to follow the correct procedure described in your owner's manual.